About Kay

For more than two decades, Kay Casperson has pursued her passion for helping people discover and express the beauty within.

  • From consulting, teaching and writing, to researching and developing her own collection of skincare products and cosmetics, Kay has always made inspiring positive change in the lives of others the foundation of her career and her lifestyle philosophy.
  • To share the positive message of Beauty Inside Out with a wider audience, in 1996, Kay authored her first book, "Beauty Inside Out: 80 Ways to Become Positively Unforgettable," which sold in bookstores across the country.
  • Because Beauty Inside Out is steadily gaining momentum as a lifestyle movement, in 2009, Kay decided to open a series of signature locations in Florida, beginning with the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa & Boutique on Captiva Island. All Kay Casperson locations are designed to be havens for wellness and transformation and revolve around the Beauty Inside Out philosophy and affirmational products, including Kay's line of stylish Signature Accessories & Apparel.
  • As part of her greater mission to transform lives and inspire hope and healing in the world around her, Kay launched Beauty With a Purpose, a charitable extension of Beauty Inside Out devoted to supporting community, national and international organizations that promote beauty, peace, strength and wellness.
  • Kay knows from experience that once you have discovered the delicate balance between inner and outer beauty, you will express it in your everyday life. Kay's dream to help people change their lives inspired her to develop and share Beauty Inside Out with the world. This vision has been her life's work and today, her vision is reality.

Kay's Philosophy

Beauty Inside Out is deeply rooted in understanding and establishing the vital balance between inner and outer beauty, and thereby, achieving fulfillment in the most important areas of your life.

  • Inner Beauty

    It's a philosophy that promotes healing, nourishing, and loving the self, and by doing so, developing a whole and beautiful person from the inside out – it means accepting, embracing and loving ourselves for who we are.

  • A Process

    Cultivating inner and outer beauty is never a sudden change, it's a gentle evolution, and finding your perfect balance takes time, and much more than just lipstick and a good moisturizer – that's why Kay developed BIO Essentials skincare and Inside I'm Gorgeous cosmetics as part of a holistic lifestyle system designed to help you improve the quality of your life as you improve the quality of your skin.

  • Internal

    The affirmation-based BIO Essentials skincare collection offers inspiration and guidance on how to find your balance as you experience all the healing benefits of natural botanicals, nourishing minerals and soothing elements from the sea.

  • Mineral-Based

    To complement – not combat – the proven results of this revolutionary skincare system, Kay created Inside I'm Gorgeous cosmetics. This innovative collection of mineral-based cosmetics was specifically engineered to enhance your natural features while not only concealing, but correcting blemishes, problem areas and flaws.

  • Safe Ingredients

    All Kay Casperson products are hypoallergenic and contain no harsh chemicals, fillers or fragrances, making them ideal solutions for healing, balancing and conditioning all skin of all types and ethnicities, including highly sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

  • Ease of use

    But what makes Kay's simple 8-step BIO Essentials skincare system unique are the affirmations that accompany every step – gentle reminders that help you refocus on your goals each time you use a product. To determine which products are best for you and to read a more thorough explanation of each product, its affirmation and its application, visit our BIO FAQ section.

  • Support

    And to carry a bit of inspiration with you everywhere you go, print out a list of Kay's favorite affirmations, cut them into strips, fold them in half, and keep them in a dish in a place where you can see them – by your keys, on your office desk, your dresser or by your bathroom sink. Don't be afraid to make up some of your own and add them to the pile. Take one out each day, read it, and throughout the day, think of ways to express and actualize the affirmation.